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24/7 Logistic Services

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#1397 Leanne R.
26 September 2019
Leanne R. to 24/7 Logistic Services
I've moved 5 times prior to this move from California to Virginia. Of all the moving companies, this was the worst by far. Not only can I not recommend their services, I will never use them again. They are focused on making profits at the expense of the customer. -My items were delivered 26 days after the scheduled delivery date. -My items were picked up 4 days after they were supposed to have arrived at my new residence. -24/7 subcontracts the move and has limited oversight and poor communication with the subcontractors. -I was given a delivery date three different times. The day before delivery I would call to confirm drop off time. I was often told we don't know or we can't get in touch with the dispatcher. The items wouldn't arrive on the scheduled day and I'd start the process over again. -24/7 is reactive instead of proactive and has little follow through. If you don't constantly call and keep on top of the move, you will never hear from them. -Items were moved multiple times from multiple vehicles. My one bedroom apartment was loaded onto a moving truck, transferred to storage, transferred to an 18 wheeler, transferred back to a moving truck and finally delivered. The transfer from an 18 Wheeler to a moving truck was their discretion but cost me an additional $450.00. -The items do not take a direct route. The truck came from Virgina to Cali, then to Florida, then Georgia, then Virginia. -A box that was not part of my shipment was delivered with my items. They did not check the shipping manifest when they delivered the items. -If I had not called to advise that the incorrect box was delivered, no one but the box's owner would know or care. It took a week of calling daily to get a date scheduled for the box to be picked up. One the date scheduled, no one came. Bottom line: You can expect your items to be delivered well beyond their scheduled delivery date. You can expect little to no communication concerning when they will arrive and to not take a direct route to get to you. You can expect your items to be moved several times after they leave your residence and you might be missing a box. The company will take little to no care to ensure it gets back to you.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 0/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#1393 Andrew C.
16 September 2019
Andrew C. to 24/7 Logistic Services
Me and my girlfriend moved from Florida to San Diego (California). It was our first interstate move experience and to be honest I was very scared of being scammed. But everything went smooth from my first conversation with sales representative to the delivery from door to door. Unfortunately I had to pay a little extra for what's called "shuttle service" because as a driver explained to me that 18-wheeler could not fit into our neighborhood which is true so it is what it it. Once again thank you all guys for being such a great team.
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#1394 Robert H.
10 September 2019
Robert H. to 24/7 Logistic Services
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! If you sign up for Moving.com or another site like that, they will be the first to call and you'll get what seems to be a competitive offer, from a competent account advisor. Unfortunately, once you sign on with a non-refundable deposit, the service goes to crap. The quote is based on volume not weight, which means that you are accountable for how much space it takes in the truck. For boxes this is fine, but anything that doesn't stack like exercise equipment or a glass front curio cabinet, you pay for the floor to the ceiling. So there is that price escalator that hits at the end that in our case was 150% of the quoted amount. Which was more than using Bekins, North America or another more reputable company. They didn't let me know it would be a direct move until the day before. So they are going to pack and load on Saturday and unload at the destination the next day. This would have been useful to know in advance. They do not answer phone calls on the day of the move, arrive three hours late with a clown crew of unskilled Russian dudes, having brought insufficient supplies to safely pack materials, and start using your couch cushions and the pillows from your bed in place of bubble wrap. They then leave at 9:30 pm to drive six hours from Los Angeles to Phoenix to deliver the next morning at 6 am, except the second guy isn't there so one person is trying to unload hastily packed items into the house for an hour. With a company that uses logistics in their name, they were shockingly clueless. I cannot warn enough against these jokers. I have moved four times, and can honestly say they are the worst.
Communication: 2/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#1405 A A.
13 August 2019
A A. to 24/7 Logistic Services
It's the Murphy's Law of moving companies. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I did exhaustive research for our interstate move and felt that 24/7 had the best combination of reviews, price and offers. Turns out it was all just a sales pitch. I expressed to their agent that timeline was my top priority for a move and he assured me that they could complete my move in 2-3 days. He even faked sympathy for how hard it would be to be without our toddler's things for an extended period of time. He told me that they could pick us up on Thursday or Friday of the week we wanted to move and have our things delivered by Sunday or Monday. So moving week comes around and on Monday they tell me they are still on track. On Thursday, we get a call asking if we could push our move date to Saturday, and we say no because we had already given notice, and they say okay. On Friday, they tell us we have no choice and they will come Saturday, and when I express how outrageous that is, their extremely rude rep. tells me they can just drop us instead. So what choice do I have on our scheduled moving day? I can't move my flight with the toddler. Who else can I hire last minute? Where are we going to sleep? So we begrudgingly accept Saturday hoping they could be still there by Monday or Tuesday as agreed upon originally. Adding insult to injury, they charge us $1,000 more than quoted when they arrive to pack us up -- which had they been on time, I wouldn't have even minded because I just wanted our things delivered quickly. It took them 7 days to deliver our stuff. By my estimate, we paid extra to stay in our apartment another night, paid almost $800 at IKEA so we could have plates and somewhere to sit, then paid the ridiculous upcharge, and then paid more to replace the items (lamp, cabinet, play set) that they delivered damaged. Make no mistake, this company will lure you in with a good pitch but then leave you with your back against the wall. Stay away from these nightmare movers.
Communication: 2/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#1395 Karen S.
06 August 2019
Karen S. to 24/7 Logistic Services
Unfortunately, I am in the same boat as many of these 1 and 2 star reviewers. I picked 24/7 based on their Consumer Reports rating. That was a mistake. My move out (moving from CA to IL) was relatively painless and the 3rd party movers they got to wrap and load out my furniture were actually great. Very thorough, conscientious and professional. But once the truck left, that's when things went downhill. My first available move-in date was May 31. If it were my company, I would call the customer a week out or at least a few days to say the move-in was not going to happen on the date specified and then give me a reasonable estimate as to when the move will be happening. Instead, I received zero phone calls from 24/7. Day after day I called the company to ask when my stuff was going to arrive. Most of the time I had to leave a message and never heard back. Once in a while, I'd get a callback from the coordinator in the main office saying they had no information for me and had no idea when my stuff would be coming. Each time, these calls ended with the coordinator saying she'd call the CA movers and get back to me. That never happened. I always had to call again to get the information. Very frustrating. I had a family vacation planned at the very tail end of the 21 day move-in window and sure enough, I get a call that they want to deliver the day after I leave the country. So I have to wait until I get back and start the process all over again. That part was not their fault. It was just unfortunate timing. To add to the fun, my mom got very ill when we got back from our vacation and I was with her in the ICU when the movers called to say they were in town and asked if I could be there to receive my stuff that day. They did NOT call a day in advance like the company claims is their policy on other yelp reviews. They called the morning of the delivery. Since I'd been waiting well over a month for my stuff I said yes, I would meet them at 2PM to receive it. I didn't have that much stuff so I figured it would take 2-3 hours and I could get back to the hospital that night. I drove 40 minutes to my apartment and waited. 2PM came and went. At 2:20 I called them. They said they were running late. 20 minutes. 2:40 came and went. I called them. This time, they said their truck had broken down and they were just finishing up fixing it. They'd be there in 20 minutes. 3PM came and went.... This went on and on. They arrived 2 hours late and 55 days after the initial first move-in day (16 days of that was my vacation). Luckily, they didn't charge me extra storage fees, which I'm grateful for. The 3rd party movers they hired to move my stuff in were way less professional than the first movers. Plus they told me they were not really a moving company. Just dudes with a truck that got hired out to haul stuff. This was obvious as they banged my furniture around trying to get it into the freight elevator, even stacking things so precariously on the carts that several times my items came crashing down. Two antique furniture items were damaged. To be fair, it was mainly the "foreman" who was gentle as a hurricane. The other guy was nice and seemed to care a bit more. So in the end, I got all my stuff but it took way longer than I'd hoped and was generally a pain in the ass. Overall, my biggest beef is that this company's communication is simply terrible. There are easy ways to put a customer's mind at ease and they did none of them: Update the customer frequently, even if you don't have good news, and make sure they know to read all the fine print of the move (it is VERY fine), especially regarding the timing and extra fees. It's there, but they certainly don't make a point of telling you about it like they do about all the details of the move-out. They were very thorough about that part. 24/7 Logistics: People are entrusting you with all their possessions in the world. When you don't communicate, it's frustrating and leads people to worry about the legitimacy of your company. Potential customers: If you do go with 24/7 Logistic Services, allow a LOT of time. Read every single syllable of that contract. Know that your stuff will be transferred several times from truck to truck. Your movers are contracted out. The move will take you much longer than you think or hope it will, and you may incur damage, so pack your things well. But if I were you, I'd just find a different moving company.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 2/5
Quality of service: 2/5
1722 Sheridan StSte 381 Hollywood FL Miami, Florida 33020
Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Hours Close now
Monday 9:00 am 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 9:00 pm
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Thursday 9:00 am 9:00 pm
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Saturday 9:00 am 9:00 pm
Sunday Closed
Service offered
  • - Long distance moving
  • - Furniture Assembly
  • - Senior Moving
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  • Member of AMSA:No
  • License of BBB:No
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