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Bellhops is a modern alternative to traditional moving companies. Its worker-facing app matches you with movers and drivers who are the most qualified for your job (based on factors such as location, home size, items to be moved, and time frame). The company's platform also tracks each mover's performance, ensuring that only high-scoring workers are matched to jobs.
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Quality of service
#257 Riya R.
06 July 2019
Riya R. to Bellhops
Easiest move ever. William W., Yoelvis F., Terrell R. were fantastic. All of our movers were punctual, friendly, and skilled at their jobs. Worth every penny.
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#261 David S.
07 June 2019
David S. to Bellhops
Arrived on time and were very professional! Probably the best movers I've had in a long time ! Highly recommend! Thank you!
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 4/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#260 Eli G.
17 May 2019
Eli G. to Bellhops
William and Elvis were spectacular, they made the move quick and easy. Their customer service was superb. I highly recommend Bellhops.
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#258 Rachel K.
27 February 2019
Rachel K. to Bellhops
WOW!!!!!!! Our Bellhops--Enzo, Alex, Joseph, Dave, & Yoelvis--were consummate, hard-working, friendly professionals who did an amazing job moving us to our new apartment. They were also incredibly punctual (early, in fact), patient & just all-round great guys with whom my husband & I felt at ease almost immediately. They were focused, efficient and didn't let rain, 5 o'clock rush traffic OR 4 elevator-less flights of stairs stifle their enthusiasm or work ethic. If all Bellhops are like these guys, then we'll be definitely be recommending them to friends and family in the future. We'll also be "Bellhoping" exclusively whenever we need some moving muscle!
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#259 Anthony B.
31 January 2019
Anthony B. to Bellhops
My experience with Bellhops began with the crew leader, Enzo, taking a walk around my apartment to assess what had to be moved. He confirmed that the moved should take the 3-4 scheduled hours, and we'd texted about my assembled beds, which he said he could disassemble and reassemble in the allotted time. I had been pulled in initially by the $500 off promotion that Bellhops was having, to gain traction for their entry in the Miami market. Great, or so I thought. The pack-up took longer than expected. A lot of comments about me having "a lot of stuff" and how much easier it was to move the woman earlier this morning. This is where the unprofessionalism starts. Yes, it's a 2-bedroom apartment, with two beds, and several packed bins. I was moving literally one block block away, a 3 minute walk. I even pointed out to Enzo how close we were. I walked to the new place to meet the movers. Chris, the newest of the Bellhops, showed up shortly thereafter in his own vehicle, so clearly everyone had the right address. Chris and I chatted, I texted Enzo several times and called - no dice. I got to hear Chris's story in this time, young guy from the Ozarks, worked in the hospitality industry and studied CS in undergrad but left the program after a few years, passionate about gaming, day trading, crypto investments. I'm expressing just how much time had passed - literally enough to hear this guy's story and tell him mine. Oh, and how he was just picked up last week after applying to Bellhops on Indeed. More than half an hour passed and I called Enzo again. He picked up and said that they had gotten lost... Doubtful, as you could see the destination from where we were packing - and I pointed it out! Enzo now had me sign for more time - but denying that really isn't an option, my belongings are in the truck. With the extended pack-up and the crew's excursion around Miami, we were late for the new building's HOA move-in hours.I asked that the crew be mindful of this with the volume of voices, but that wasn't heeded. I also helped to try to help speed things up. I handed Enzo my key for the building exterior, for access. I saw a floor lamp tipped over by a crew member - and he initially said that he thought the "top was loose." It wasn't - he tipped it over and the glass shattered in the parking lot. No one on the crew made a move to clean it up - in the parking lot where my new neighbors were driving/walking. I notified Enzo of this. And I cleaned it up myself, because Enzo and the crew had no interest in picking up after themselves. The crew member responsible ended up apologizing - but after I cleaned it up. So now it gets interesting. We're running late. My things are plopped into the new place, pieces of the beds mixed in different rooms. The crew wants to get out. Enzo hands me a mixed bag of nuts, bolts, and other hardware from the two beds and desk - ALL IN THE SAME BAG! (He did separate them to the best of his ability at my request, before leaving.) This is when I start to notice the damage: 1. My 55" 4K TV is broken. 2. My Tempurpedic mattress is soiled from the truck ride. Then I remember that Enzo has my building key, as he's trying to leave the building - but he doesn't. 3. Enzo has lost my key. He cannot find it. He promises that he will find it in the van and tell his supervisor about this. This is a non-duplicable key, which will cost me a good bit of money to replace. Enzo finds this comical - has a chuckle about all that has gone wrong before he leaves. Bellhops has said that a claim is likely to be denied. Enzo is being dishonest with management and telling a different course of events - denying the lost key entirely, denying they were gone for more than "a few minutes" in transit to the new place. (Do you really think I learned that much about Chris in a few minutes?) Bellhops will cover the cost of the move if I waive my right to make a claim against them. Thanks? I wish I had not used this service - they're new here, and while some other have clearly had positive experiences, I did not. The crew members I had were fairly young, green, and at times didn't act professionally (read above). Also, Enzo's recollection of events involves a number of alternative facts. If you're looking for movers, I'd highly suggest you look elsewhere. You don't know what you're going to get.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 0/5
Miami, Florida 33173
Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm Hours Close now
Monday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 9:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am 8:00 pm
Service offered
  • - Local moving
  • - Long distance moving
  • - Senior Moving
  • - Large and Heavy Item Moving
Membership(s) & License info.
  • Member of AMSA:No
  • License of BBB:No
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