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King's Pro Movers

Full service professional moving company offering local, long distance, and commercial relocations. We have been serving the Tampa Bay area for years, and have the experience and equipment to move anything from safes to pianos, storage units, apartments, and homes of all sizes. We also offer full packing services, packing supplies and storage by the day, week and monthly. Whether you're moving in a month or next day, we always accommodate, give us a call for a no obligation quote.
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Quality of service
#4974 Nicole S.
04 September 2018
Nicole S. to King's Pro Movers
I was very impressed with this moving company. The move was a difficult one with bulky and heaving office furniture. They team they sent moved quickly and efficiently. I would definitely hire them again!
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#4975 Emmy R.
30 June 2018
Emmy R. to King's Pro Movers
1. This moving company is great! The owner really cares about his business and how it does so he told me to call him if there were any problems and he would take care of it. There were two guys that came and Paul was really good and really quick at packing, loading and unloading everything. He had so many tips and tricks that were very helpful (since I was helping with packing my things as well). You could definitely tell that he had a ton of experience with moving. However, the other guy mentioned that he had been working for the last 24 hours with no sleep, so as a result he was a little sluggish.. 2. When they drove the moving truck across the bridge to my new place it kept stalling. It ended up taking them an hour instead of about a half hour. ...Since the owner mentioned if there were any issues to call, so I decided to call him. I mentioned the two different problems to him. He explained that one of his guys that was supposed to come into work called in sick last minute so he had to send the only guy that was available to come help me with the move. 3. As a result, the owner took two hours off fo the inconveniences. He had great customer service and I would definitely hire them again and would request Paul!
Communication: 4/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#4973 Nikole L.
06 February 2018
Nikole L. to King's Pro Movers
I simply hired Kings Pro Moving because I needed some last minute things transported from my mother's house in Miami to myself in Tampa! I figured I would get my things much quicker if I hire a moving company that only travels in Florida. I think my deduction was correct. They were very professional and straightforward when working together. I was able to get the remainder of my belongings within 2 business days, which is much sooner than any other company could of promised me. I'm very happy I decided to hire these guys instead of a long distance moving crew. Who knows how long I may have been waiting! Thanks for doing what you said you would do boys!
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#4976 Jose R.
09 May 2017
Jose R. to King's Pro Movers
Owner sent a disgusting truck with 2 felons to my home.. neither wearing uniforms. One damaged my brand new French door fridge and now the owner is avoiding me to pair for the repair. I would NEVER recommend doing business with this low life owner. I am only giving this 1 star because yelp will not allow 0 stars on the review. Pay a little extra and hire a real company.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 0/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#4977 Kandi O.
10 October 2016
Kandi O. to King's Pro Movers
Moving service that did not provide anything promised. 8/6/16 Move date This information sent via email on 8/8/16 to Mike(owner) at sales@kingsmoving.com. Issues with Service: 1. Arrived 2.5 hours late - I was specific on needing this timely as I had another move in Tampa to do at noon. The first call, they said 45 mins at 730. Then said 830. Then when I called them at 845 only to find out the truck broke down. I get that this sucks, but they were barely on the road for 10 minutes when it broke. They should have kept me better informed so I could have switched my other move around. I would have done it while waiting had I known. Additionally, I had to call THEM to get an update. 2. Never wrapped ANYTHING! I assumed that since they were not wrapping anything BEFORE bringing stuff down 3 flights, they would have at least wrapped in the truck. Only to find, NONE of my things were wrapped. I had to tell them to wrap the TV that they put upside down on boxes. Really! 3. After telling them NOT to touch/use the legs on the dressers since they aren't made for that, I watched them do it, and a leg broke off the large dresser. In addition, I watched them struggle to get it down the stairs, and since it was unwrapped, they kept hitting the dresser against the walls, as well as the drawers flying open hitting the walls. The dresser is now all scratched up AND I had to fish a bunch of clothes out of the bottom with a coat hanger. They also banged up the walls at my new place. Which I will now have to pay to fix. 4. I literally did twice as many trips as Nick. Nice young man, but should be a 3rd at best to wrap things etc. He is NOT built to move things and does NOT have efficiency. 5. The couch...I had to phone a friend after they tried unsuccessfully to get it out. This was the entire reason for hiring your company. This is NOT ok. If it wasn't for me and Ryan, the couch would have never come out with those 2. 6. Professionalism - let's just say, me AND my friend felt bad for Nick. Mike was yelling at him the ENTIRE time and used more F Bombs than I have heard the entire year I lived in Boston! Our initial conversation...you promised me: 1. My guys are reliable. 2. My guys will be there at 8 sharp if not earlier. 3. My guys wrap things and get them out so quickly. 4. My guys are big and can take that couch out. "If it got in there, we can certainly get it out." Your words! 5. Less than 3 hours. No worries. Conclusion. None of the things I was promised happened. This move was the biggest disaster I have ever had in the 9 I have done in the last 4 years. Other than eventually showing up with a truck, I am not sure that anything was helpful, or reached any expectations on this job. I expect that you will NOT cash the check that I wrote considering I should have never even paid, but I wanted those 2 OUT of my house so I wrote the check to be done with the entire thing. I think this is more than a reasonable request considering the entire series of events in addition to me now having to fix things. Mike replied: From: Kings Pro mailto:sales@kingsmoving.com Sent: Monday, August 08, 2016 9:24 PM Yes but will refund it to you I'll send check to your address of Joyce so send me the address you want me to send the check to 8/8/16 and 8/9/16 reply email confirming my address, pd via check; 9/22/16 - sent follow up email as check still not received. email bounced back undeliverable 9/22/16 left vm on company phone line. No response. 9/23/16 called Mike from a different number and he answered. Advised still no refund and email issue. He asked me to text all info to his personal number at 727 919 4360 and re-email. I did both. He assured check would be mailed within a day. 9/23/16 -resent email from yesterday. No bounce back this time 9/29/16 - still no receipt of check. text personal number. No reply 9/30/16 - text and emailed about still no refund. Still no reply 1010/16. Called from another numbers since he was still avoiding my texts. He stated I should have gotten it. His son must not have sent it. THEN tells me, he will only refund "his profit" from the move since he has to pay his guys. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This guy and his business is the WORST I have ever dealt with and this is my 9th move in 5 years. What a scam!
Communication: 2/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 1/5
2710 North Morgan St Tampa, Florida 33602
Monday: 6:00 am - 11:00 pm Hours Close now
Monday 6:00 am 11:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am 11:00 pm
Wednesday 6:00 am 11:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 am 11:00 pm
Friday 6:00 am 11:00 pm
Saturday 6:00 am 11:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 am 11:00 pm
Service offered
  • - Local moving
  • - Long distance moving
  • - Furniture Assembly
  • - Senior Moving
  • - Large and Heavy Item Moving
  • - Piano Moving
Membership(s) & License info.
  • Member of AMSA:No
  • License of BBB:No
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