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Shleppers Moving and Storage

Our basic moving services are great for those who like to take care of all the packing themselves. On moving day, we'll do a walkthrough with you and take note of any items that need special attention and care. We'll load up the truck with your furniture and boxes, and then unload everything at your new place. Of course, we'll always make sure everything ends up in the correct rooms.
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Quality of service
#930 Amanda W.
10 March 2019
Amanda W. to Shleppers Moving and Storage
If I could give ZERO stars I would have preferred that. I used this company prior to this experience and it was nothing like my recent move. The rep I dealt with, Eli, couldn't have been more awful with communication and making the arrangements for our move. He decided to send a VAN to pick up our things instead of a moving truck and then once we called to fix this he had no solution for me. Literally said only the owner can do anything and then the owner cane back and said they can't do anything but find another tuck for another day! They ended up sending a separate truck the next day and billed us for it. So we were billed 2 times for one way of our move. They held our things in storage and didn't revive them for over a week after we were promised and many things showed up damaged and dirty from being stored in their warehouse. Don't get me stated about the guys they sent to move our things, scary. They don't work with you at all, I've never dealt with worse customer service in my life. STAY AWAY and find a reputable company.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#925 Sula M.
17 February 2019
Sula M. to Shleppers Moving and Storage
I would have loved to give 4.5 stars but that wasn't an option. All went well except the final payment was taken out the 1st day of delivery date (2 week window) when I was under the impression that would be on the 1st day of the 3 day period when they call to let you know on way. The shipment came on time and driver was great, unloading meticulously into our garage. However upon unpacking, some of my suitcases and a box were wet. Of course, my clothes, lol. Looked liked rainwater, nothing but a few items were ruined and lots of cleaning. Not enough to go thru the headache of a claim. Shleppers were very responsive and offered me $75 resolution to help. I was very satisfied and would consider them again.
Communication: 4/5
Professionalism: 3/5
Quality of service: 4/5
#926 Russell O.
22 January 2019
Russell O. to Shleppers Moving and Storage
SHLEPPERS LIED TO ME ABOUT MOVING MY DECEASED FATHER'S BELONGINGS I looked through the reviews and saw many people wrote that they were mislead about the price of their move. Fortunately I learned that Shleppers was dishonest with me before I had them move my belongings. However, what makes Shleppers' especially appalling is that they lied to me about a bereavement discount for moving my deceased father's belongings. I first called Shleppers around December 2018 and spoke to Robert. I explained to him my father passed away the previous week in Florida, and that I need to move his piano and some other belongings to New York. Robert told me that it would cost $2,000. I asked Robert if he could offer me a bereavement discount. He was not sure, so he put me on hold to consult with his supervisor. A few minutes later he returned and told me that he would be able to give me a $300 discount, bringing my total to $1,700. I was very appreciative, as money was very tight due to funeral related expenses. I told Robert that the piano is located in West Palm Beach, and I would call back with the exact address. I called Robert again two weeks later to ask him a question about insuring the piano during the piano. Following the call, he sent me a quote that showed the discounted price. In fact, the price was $1,650, which was $50 less then he told me originally. I thought it was very nice to receive the additional savings. Today, January 22, someone named Shannan emailed me to ask if I have updates regarding the move. I emailed her back with the exact address and also asked her about insurance. Shannan told me the price of the move is now $2,073. I explained to her that I had already spoken to Robert, and he offered me a rate of $1,700, and that the quote he sent me even showed up as $1,650. Shannan refused to honor the price that Robert gave me. I then received an email from Jonathan, who is a supervisor at Shleppers. Jonathan wrote in his email that I would not receive the $1,700 rate and that I would have to pay the higher rate. He apologized for the "misunderstanding." I explained to him that there was no misunderstanding; Robert clearly told me the move would cost $1,700. Nothing was misunderstood, and I even have Robert's quote in writing showing that the move would be $1,650. I told Jonathan via email that Robert even put me on hold to get authorization from his supervisor to offer the discount - so presumably Jonathan is the supervisor that authorized the discount in the first place! I asked Jonathan if there was another supervisor that Robert may have spoken to, and Jonathan never replied to that email. I also sent Jonathan a link to my father's online obituary so he could clearly see why I was granted a bereavement discount. Jonathan and Shleppers acted very unprofessionally towards me. They lied to me about the discount, calling it a "misunderstanding" even when I have a written quote from them showing the discount that Robert offered. This treatment is unacceptable towards any customer and is bad business practice for any company. What makes Shleppers treatment exponentially worse is that fact that my father had just passed away and I was relying on Shleppers to move some of his treasured belongings to my home in New York. No one should be treated this way.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 0/5
#927 Naazi H.
10 January 2019
Naazi H. to Shleppers Moving and Storage
Biggest scam on earth! Stay away! They gave me a price on the phone with my description of what needed to be done. I asked if someone needed to see everything before they gave me a price and they said no the price is guaranteed. I told them the packaging material they had listed was not enough and they said the movers would have more available in the truck. On the day of the move two days before I had to be out of the house the mover came in and said they didn't have enough packing material so they would start packing and get more material. They started packing what they could and they said they have to come back the next day and I had to pay twice as much as I had already agreed on. Having a time constraint I agreed. They came in the next day packed everything and took it to storage, Shleppers' storage. When I was ready to receive my goods I called them and they said that I had to pay more, even more. They had my belongings, I didn't have much of a choice to receive my good under any request. They delivered my goods and had damaged many of my belongings. Broken closet, broken statue, packing paper stuck to my artwork, holes in cushions, didn't even have a count of the boxes, etc. I tried calling, no answer. Emailed, no answer. Tried again and again calling and they would not even pick up my calls anymore. I ended up paying three times as much as I was supposed to and received damaged goods that could not be replaced. They take advantage of you knowing that a move is usually done when had to be done. Holding my good hostage to get more money out of me was the lowest blow. They should not be in business.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#928 Richard R.
18 May 2018
Richard R. to Shleppers Moving and Storage
Precise ,Ontime ,professionals and Honest are just some of the words that describe my personal and recent experience. Estimate was the price no hidden or extra charges Professional movers that were careful with everything. They made the move that is stressful as straightforward as possible. Their communications by owner , Sharon and Adreane was excellent . We absolutely recommend this company for your next move. Richard R
Communication: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 4/5
3029 North East 188th St Miami, Florida 33180
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