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About MovingRater.com

Moving from state to state is commonplace. But for some, this move can be a week-long natural disaster, while others can cope in a day, and by evening I will drink coffee in the kitchen of the new house. MovingRater.com will tell you which movable companies in the USA are willing to pay for spoiled antiques, and which ones are better not to contact.

A common practice is that a couple of loaders on an old Ford present themselves as a moving company, without special transport, packaging consumables, or at least equipment for carrying the piano properly. As a result, such a move ends with spoiled furniture, broken household appliances and excess waste. Moreover, an agreement with such loaders is most often not concluded, so there will be no one to make a claim.

We have compiled a rating of the best US moving companies, with a detailed description of the companies and real customer reviews. Now you do not have to look for information about carriers on different sources. You will know for sure which company you can trust to relocate, where they will provide wrapping paper and boxes, who is responsible for damaged property.

MovingRater.com maintains an honest rating. It is impossible to get to our list by paying for the first or any other place. We are based on customer feedback in the forums, check each company manually, study information about offices, services and documents that companies are ready to provide.

Move competently and safely. Read reviews, study rating and choose the best. We made sure that you did not run into a mistake that could result in a broken family service or grandmother’s antique clock. At MovingRater.com, look for the most reliable moving companies.