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Solomon and Sons Relocation Services

Miami's Most Recommended Movers, 100% Reliable, Local & Long Distance Moving Services. Give Us A Call Now.With one truck and one goal, Solomon & Sons came to life in 2014. Their goal was straightforward- to be a full-service moving company providing a world-class, customer-focused moving experience.Today, we have more than 20 employees and a fleet of 12 power units, all ready to handle your residential or commercial relocation professionally, on time, and always at an affordable price.We are a boutique firm with deep roots in the South Florida community. We are small enough that our senior staff is personally involved with every move so you're always working with trusted Solomon & Sons employees.To compete among the best moving companies, we know we must excel at providing exemplary customer service, unwavering dedication to quality, unequaled reliability, and fair, honest, competitive pricing. Whether you need local movers or long-distance movers, Solomon & Sons is committed to doing whatever it takes to provide a successful moving experience.We are an independent, family owned and operated business, not a franchise or agent of a large van line. We control everything we do, and we do everything for you, our valued customer...
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#775 Steven A.
20 September 2019
Steven A. to Solomon and Sons Relocation Services
I am not one to leave reviews. I must get 5 requests a day from the online vendors I buy from. I realize that we all get these requests! My policy is not to leave reviews except when I'm really pissed off or really happy. I this case I'm really happy!! From the first meeting with Jordan (my sales guy) I knew I had the right mover. I tend to move every few years and know the moving industry pretty well. I knew what questions to ask and all were answered satisfactorily (do your research before you hire anyone). Great follow up by Esther at Solomon and Sons. Nice experienced guys with exactly 0 complaints at both ends. Friendly, professional and really knew what they were doing. I did most of my own packing but the S&S guys did the couch, dining table, etc. The big stuff. Well packed! And stuff that I just didn't get to at the end they packed. Nothing broke. Ok that's my review. Great job Solomon & Sons!
Communication: 4/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Quality of service: 5/5
#778 David W.
19 September 2019
David W. to Solomon and Sons Relocation Services
New York to Tennessee Monica H. was very professional and pleasant when I made my informational calls, but after the contract was signed, she pretty much "ghosted"me, completely ignoring a few emails and phone calls. The only time I got her back on the phone was when I threatened to cancel due to the fact that she would not guarantee an actual pickup date. She claimed she explained this to both my wife and me on separate occasions. Funny, though, how we both recall her saying something different before we decided to go with them. Moving long distance requires hotel reservations that can't be made the day before, especially when traveling with 2 dogs. The people who bought our house also needed an exact date for their movers. Monica eventually gave me a date so that I wouldn't cancel. A day before the big move, the driver, Ethan, called to tell me his truck broke down and he would be two days late. I told him that I would have to cancel and rent a Uhaul because I couldn't change dates of hotel reservations and with the people who had already closed on our house. (They were kind enough to let us stay a few days after closing; I couldn't tell them that I needed additional time.) Ethan told me to "hold on" and he would call me back. I called dispatch and they knew nothing about a broken down truck and said they would look into it. 10 minutes later, Ethan called to let me know he'd be there on the morning of our scheduled pickup. They must have found a great mechanic!! Lol. The day of the move (a Monday)finally arrived. Expecting to see the truck pull up in the morning, I grew anxious around 11:00 am. I decided to call the company and someone named Ed answered. He said that because of the size of the move, they'd want to start early and assured me they'd be there soon. Okay. I continued to wait...and wait...and wait. At 4:00 pm, the truck finally pulled up. By the way, don't expect them to start loading right away. Everything must be inventoried and furniture must be wrapped with pads and bubble wrap. That took FOREVER. (I wouldn't have minded if they had started in the morning.) The 2 drivers, Ethan and Scott, were awesome and professional. They worked hard with no complaints. Here's the problem...they didn't finish loading the truck until 1:00 am!! That's right!!! ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! Assuming we'd be on the road by mid afternoon the prior day, we had to cancel our first night reservation (lost my deposit) and find a local hotel that took dogs (not easy in a small town). We were completely exhausted! Before leaving, Ethan semi-assured me that our belongings would be delivered on Sunday (the day we requested). I called him Saturday afternoon to confirm and guess what? Yup, he said his truck was broken down!! Lol. Once again, dispatch was not informed but assured me they'd look into it. Dispatch later called me back and left a message stating they had no delivery date until they hear from the mechanic. A day later, Ethan called to let me know it would be an additional 1-3 days. Great! I had to extend our hotel stay (not cheap). 10 days from the pick-up date, the delivery was made! Ethan told me the day before this momentous delivery that he'd be to my new home in the morning between 8-12. He didn't arrive until 5:00 pm and still had to unload everything to a shuttle in order to make it down my road. (I expected the shuttle.) To make a long story longer, they completed their delivery at 10:30 pm. Yup...TEN THIRTY AT NIGHT! I guess it was better than 1:00 am. I also guess I don't blame them for a few crushed bins and a recliner falling off a dolly and flying out of the back of the truck to the pavement. They were tired! We were all tired! I tipped them well (both after pickup and delivery). I couldn't really blame them. All in all, I guess I just don't understand the moving business. Deadlines and promises are extremely important to keep things moving smoothly, but there's just no guarantee in a long-distance move. Here's my lesson. Rent a Uhaul, hire a few buddies (pizza and beer), take a few days to load it carefully, and take my time driving to our new home. (I could have even hired a buddy to drive the Uhaul for a fraction of the price.)That sounds so much less stressful. I thought that saying goodbye to family and friends, selling and buying a house, and driving 15 hours with 2 dogs would be the worst part of my move. Nope! It was the craziness of Solomon and Sons time organization. I thought I'd get a courtesy call by now (it's been a week) to see how everything went. Guess I got "ghosted" again!
Communication: 2/5
Professionalism: 3/5
Quality of service: 2/5
#782 Huguelyne P.
09 September 2019
Huguelyne P. to Solomon and Sons Relocation Services
Solomon & Son relocations company . Which is supposedly run by Roy Cohen who operates a unrepeatable moving company and uses rented trucks from subcontractors who are Lacking professionalism and basic courtesy. Roy Cohen states he has a large moving business when in fact he is nothing more than a broker. His practices in business are sketchy at best!! He is disorganized , dishonest and disrespectful . they did not show up or complete the job as stated in the contract , they lost pieces of our furniture and were unwilling to deliver them . Do not use this company or any company that Roy Cohen is associated with. There was a $500 fee when we were not properly notified within the required time frame that was stated in the contract . The delivery person was rude and used profanity and was a liar. He stated he was at our residence but then when the question was restated to him that he was then two hours away from us, he then told me he Covered his tracks and that he was going to enjoy his Mother fucking weekend and that they're going to charge us a fee and also stated he didn't give a fuck . I wouldn't trust this moving company with my furniture.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#790 Lisa W.
04 September 2019
Lisa W. to Solomon and Sons Relocation Services
Horrific move, terrible experience. I have moved my family cross country several times. This was my first with Solomon. They destroyed over $25000 worth of furniture and valuables. The owner could care less. We had a very expensive move that went horribly wrong. The timing, the unpacking, the foreman brought in a crew off craigslist and now we have missing clothing and jewelry- the entire process was beyond unprofessional and the owner is completely disrespectful and is dragging out this process so as not to have to reimburse us at all. I wouldn't recommend this moving company to anyone. Ever.
Communication: 2/5
Professionalism: 1/5
Quality of service: 1/5
#777 Kristen G.
18 August 2019
Kristen G. to Solomon and Sons Relocation Services
Solomon & Sons asked for a review in exchange for a discount on my moving expenses. I should've taken that as a red flag from the beginning because not only were they days late but my TV and lamps were shattered and they lost one box filled with shoes. Don't use this company.
Communication: 1/5
Professionalism: 0/5
Quality of service: 1/5
4720 NW 15th AveSte 4B Fort Lauderdale FL Miami, Florida 33309
Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Hours Close now
Monday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Saturday Closed
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Service offered
  • - Local moving
  • - Long distance moving
  • - Furniture Assembly
  • - Senior Moving
  • - Moving Container Rentals
  • - Large and Heavy Item Moving
  • - Piano Moving
  • - International Relocations
Membership(s) & License info.
  • Member of AMSA:No
  • License of BBB:No
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